Bleaching Cream

Our bleaching cream helps lighten up areas of skin that may be hyperpigmented. Some reasons for skin discoloration include sun exposure, birth control pills, pregnancy, hormone replacement therapy, or injuries

Hydroquinone - slows melanin production by inhibiting the enzyme tyrosinase which is necessary for melanin production. Melanin gives skin its color

Retinoic Acid - increases the turnover rate of follicular epithelial cells and allows the skin to renew itself at a faster rate

Hydrocortisone - a corticosteroid used to reduce any redness or sensitivity - a known side effect of hydroquinone and retinoic acid

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels can be useful in treating skin that was damaged from the sun, acne, scarring, or rosacea or even to improve the appearance of fine lines due to aging. Our chemical peel will help improve your skin tone and texture by exfoliating and breaking up dead skin cells that are bound to the surface, leaving your skin looking younger and healthier


Lactic Acid - An alpha hydroxy acid which dissolves and exfoliates the skin cells on the surface

Salicylic acid - A beta hydroxy acid which penetrates deeper into your skin's pores and softens the keratin which holds the skin cells together. Salicylic acid is also useful in preventing the clogging of skin pores

Resorcinol - A carbolic acid that works similarly to salicylic acid. Resorcinol disrupts the hydrogen bonds in keratin, further allowing the outer layer of skin to shed in order to promote skin cell regeneration